How to Choose the Best Dog Toys?

Toys fall into several categories depending on what needs they supply for the respective dog. We can divide dog toys into five major classes. Some toys embrace more than one need concurrently.

    • Comfort toys – As the name suggests, these toys provide comfort. Often plush or stuffed animals, you might send such a toy with your pet to accustom him to his kennel or to lie with him as he sleeps.
    • Self-amusement toys Meant to be able to survive your dog for at least a few hours alone, these toys must be durable.
    • Training toys – Mostly teething toys, they are called training toys because they teach your dog what they are allowed to chew.
    • Treat dispensing/enrichment toys – Toys can dispense rewards in the form of treats or other incentives. Puzzle toys also fit into this category and their aim is intellectual stimulation.
    • Interactive toys These toys require interaction between your dog and another entity. Traditionally the other individual would be you, but electronics now enable technology to interact with your dog. Training can ensure these interactions are enriching for your dog.