5 Best Dog Toys for Chewers in 2023 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

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Of all the canine behavior problems, a chewing problem can be one of the worst. So, why do they like to chew on everything? The answer is that it’s just part of what they are. If you don’t want them to tear up your house, you will need some chew toys. Here is our list of the best dog toys for chewers.

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HuggleHounds Knotties Dog Toys For Large Dogs - Plush Dog Toy For Aggressive Chewers - Squeaky Interactive Puppy Toys - Soft Yet Tough, Durable Stuffed Pet Chew Toy For All Breedss | Large Cow
HuggleHounds Plush Knotties
HuggleHounds Knotties Dog Toys For Large Dogs - Plush Dog Toy For Aggressive Chewers - Squeaky Interactive Puppy Toys - Soft Yet Tough, Durable Stuffed Pet Chew Toy For All Breedss | Large Cow
HuggleHounds Plush Knotties

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5 Best Durable Dog Toys – Product Reviews

The following are five of the best types of chew toys on the market. We have attempted to take an honest look at each one to determine exactly where they succeed and where they fail.

1. HuggleHounds Plush Knotties

These endearing little toys are basically just plush animals made of corduroy. However, they have been reinforced with extra layers and linings so that they are extremely tough dog toys. The arms and legs of these toys consist of knotted rope. This product is an interesting attempt to cross knotted rope toys with plush toys. The manufacturer has definitely created something unique here.

HuggleHounds Knotties Dog Toys For Large Dogs - Plush Dog Toy For Aggressive Chewers - Squeaky Interactive Puppy Toys - Soft Yet Tough, Durable Stuffed Pet Chew Toy For All Breedss | Large Cow

They offer toys in a bunch of different forms, mostly different animals for your dog to destroy with glee. The main concern with this product is that many buyers did not find it to be durable enough. Overall, most reviewers seemed to be happy, but it is obvious that this toy is not good enough for the serious chewers.


  • Very durable
  • Multiple squeaker devices
  • Meant for dogs of any size
  • Available in many different varieties


  • Corduroy is tough, but it won’t hold up against really strong chewers
  • There are some doubts about whether corduroy is safe for dogs
  • Package states that the toy is not suitable for serious chewing

2. Indestructible Dog Ball

This is a simple and time-honored classic. The indestructible dog ball is made of natural rubber and is composed of a solid piece. This one is intended for the most aggressive chewers. The marketing says that this product has successfully held up against Pit Bulls, Mastiffs, German Shepherds, and other dogs that are noted for their jaw strength.

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The natural rubber that comprises this toy is entirely non-toxic. This means that your dog will not be in danger from this toy unless they somehow swallow a large piece of the rubber. Due to the extreme durability of this toy, it is highly unlikely that such a thing will ever happen.


  • Able to hold up to the most serious chewers
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Well-suited for games of fetch
  • Bounces very well when smacked against a hard surface


  • The inside of the ball is not quite as durable as the outside layer. It is spongy and not particularly tough
  • Useless for tug-of-war games
  • Smaller dogs may not be able to get their mouths around this ball

3. Jalousie Rope Toys

This is not just one toy, but a whole value pack of toys. However, they are all variations on the classic chewing rope. Because you get a lot of toys in one package, this choice does seem like a great value. You have rope balls with looped ends, dangling knots for enticing a dog to chase, and even something that looks like a rope frisbee.

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All of these toys are made from good thick rope and are specially made to help clean your dogs’ teeth as they chew. Composition varies a little bit with these toys. Some of them are made of cotton rope and nothing else. Some of the pull-toys include hard plastic.

It is worth noting that these toys are not intended for truly aggressive chewers. The advertising makes it clear that these are not heavy duty dog toys. They also make it clear that these toys are recommended for supervised play only. This is the case because rope toys can be dangerous, and many of these toys have loops that could quickly become a choking hazard.

The safety factor represents the only serious downside of these products. If you go with these sorts of rope toys, we would recommend that you be careful and restrict access to the toys when you are not at home.


  • Good value
  • Many different things to choose from
  • Made from non-toxic cotton


  • Potential safety issues
  • Not meant for the most aggressive chewers

4. Nylabone Dura-Chew

This product is a little different from our traditional choices. It consists of a knobby nylon ring with an interesting texture. Dogs do seem to enjoy the texture of the ring, though it might not be a good idea for small dogs who might get their heads stuck in the middle. As you might imagine based on its material, this toy is extremely tough.

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Nylon has a very high tensile strength, which is why the parachute cord is often made from nylon. When rendered into a solid mass, it is very hard to destroy. This bone is thus intended for the problem cases, such as big dogs with overactive teeth. It is also flavored to attract maximum canine attention.

The only downside with this product is that it might be a little too tough. Small dogs or dogs with dental issues may even damage their teeth on this ring.


  • Very strong dog toy
  • Relatively cheap
  • Satisfying texture
  • Flavored


  • Unsuitable for smaller dogs
  • Unsuitable for dogs with dental problems

5. Pacific Pups Rope Toys

This is another large variety pack of rope toys. However, these rope toys do not have as many loops as our previous choice, so we feel confident in saying that these are a little bit safer.

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Also, there is no plastic whatsoever in any of these rope toys, so that’s also a plus. We see many of the same basic toy types we saw before, including that cool rope-frisbee.


  • Very good value
  • Not a lot of loops
  • Great variety
  • Perfect for tug-of-war games


  • There is still a potential choking hazard
  • Buying a lot of toys at once can be a bad idea

What Kind Of Chew Toy Is Best?

On this subject, there isn’t one right answer for everybody. Most of it will depend on your dog. In order to determine which sort of chew toy will serve your dogs’ needs, you will need to consider the following factors.


A chew toy is meant to take a lot of abuse. Its’ entire purpose is to be handled roughly, so durability is a very important thing to consider. Buying the cheapest chew toys you can find will usually bring a bad result. By that, we mean that your dog will tear the toy to pieces within a day or two. This means that the dog now has nothing to play with, and you just wasted your money.

Consider the size of your dog. If you have a dog that is very small and not particularly feisty, he probably doesn’t require a really durable chew toy. Larger dogs and dogs with a rowdy personality will need something a little more robust.

Simple stuffed toys should be avoided for larger dogs, as they won’t last. Rope toys are good, as long as they are sufficiently thick. A ball toy may or may not be durable enough depending on its thickness and material.


It won’t do you any good to buy your dog a bunch of toys if the dog doesn’t like them. I have seen some dog owners who will buy their dog a whole pile of toys, only for the dog to ignore the pile of toys and follow their owners around all day. Much can be learned from this.

For one thing, it is obvious that dogs are inherently social animals. As such, they get their best entertainment from you. Alternately, they might get that same kind of social stimulation from another dog. However, you may not have the option of getting a second pet.

It’s a good idea to avoid buying more than one dog toy at a time. Just remember that every toy purchase is a gamble. There is no way to know if your dog will like it or not. However, once you know what your dog likes, it is easy to give them more of the same. That is not to say that the dog will not want more than one type of chew toy. They may become fond of multiple types, but you can save time and money by using a process of trial and error.


Pitbull Running after Dog Chew Toy

As we mentioned earlier, a dog will enjoy playing with you more than they enjoy playing with a toy. Therefore, it is best to have a toy that can be used to play games like fetch and tug-of-war with your dog. A toy that doesn’t offer you the chance to interact with your dog is more likely to be rejected.

The more you use that particular toy to play with the dog, the more they will come to associate that toy with their beloved master. Assuming that you have created a proper bond with your dog, this means that they will become fond of their new toy.

Here’s an example of a dog owner who found an innovative way to interact with his dog, using a toy as the focus of the play. The dog looks pretty happy so he must have done something right.


Not every dog toy on the market is safe. Although most dog-related products are subject to laws that require inspection, bad products still show up. Although dog toys cannot rightly be called dangerous, there are still a couple of safety hazards to consider.

First, there is the possibility of choking. Rope toys that have a loop in them, for instance, might pose a choking hazard, especially for smaller dogs. Toys that include small plastic pieces that might become dislodged are also a potential choking hazard.

One example would be a ball that has some kind of small plastic object in the middle. If the dog chews through the outside of the ball, there is a chance that the little pieces inside could become lodged in their throat.

Your second hazard is toxicity. When they are chewing and tearing at their toy, there is a good chance that your dog might swallow a piece or two. If the toy is made of non-toxic and/or digestible material, this shouldn’t be a big issue. However, foreign-made toys are not always up to the same manufacturing standards that we follow in the USA.

Even domestically-produced dog toys might not be made of entirely safe materials. Please do your research and find out exactly what a toy is made of before you give it to your dog.

Final Thoughts

Having looked at the five best dog toys for chewers, we have decided that the best toy for chewers on the list is the Nylabone Dura-Chew. Although it is not suited for small dogs, it is the only product on our list that did not suffer from any reported durability issues. The only real issues came from owners whose dogs had dental problems. Thus, we would caution you to get something else if your dogs’ teeth aren’t in good shape.

The Nylabone also gained points for the fact that it presents a very minimal choking hazard. For a large and healthy dog, the Nylabone is clearly the superior choice. For smaller dogs, the Indestructible Dog Ball is the one most likely to meet their needs.