Best Spill Proof Dog Bowls for Messy Drinkers in 2024

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Thirsty yellow labrador retriever is drinking water from bowl.

How many of you struggle with the inevitable lake that ends up on your kitchen floor after your dog drinks water? When you first bought water bowls, the purchase seemed like the simplest step of the pet supply journey. Then you discovered your Saint Bernard likes to sling water from his ears and jowls to the tiled floor. Or maybe your Yorkie takes a bath in his water dish.

Regardless of the reason, puddles on the floor or wet head and ears become frustrating after a few days. So what recourse do you have? Eliminating flooded feeding areas usually brings up the need to find the best spill proof dog bowl.

Quick Picks: The 7 Best Spill Proof Dog Bowls for Messy Drinkers

Check Upsky Dog Water Bowl No-Spill as our best pick, or keep reading for product reviews and buying guide!

The 7 Best No Spill Water Bowl Reviews

Here you can find unique benefits and stand-out qualities of some of the best splash-proof dog water bowls on the market. We cover the basics as well as discuss any advantages of these specialized water bowls.

Upsky No-Spill Dog Water Bowl

Best Overall Spill Proof Water Bowl

At times, you may be concerned that your dog gulps water too fast. On occasion, he may even vomit after drinking, and a Upsky would be the water bowl to help. It has a floating disc that controls how fast water flows. Not only does the Upsky slow down your pet’s drinking, but it will also help him avoid dunking his ears in water.

UPSKY Dog Bowl Dog Water Bowl No Spill Pet Water Bowl No Drip Slow Water Feeder Dog Bowl No-Slip Pet Water Dispenser 35oz Slow Drinking Bowl for Dogs and Cats

Along with its internal floating disk, the Upsky has a sturdy base with an anti-slip bottom and a rim with a design to prevent splashing.

LumoLeaf makes a similar non-spill water bowl with identical features. The bowl uses antibacterial materials, and all parts come apart easily for cleaning.


  • Antibacterial material
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Base does not allow bowl to slide around
  • Durable
  • Keeps ears from getting soaked


  • Your pet can get around the mechanism that prevents gulping

PetMate No Spill Bowl

Easiest To Use Plastic No Spill Bowl

PetMate strives to satisfy the basic wishes you would have for a spill-proof dog bowl. The manufacturer uses durable plastic for the base that makes it less likely to tip over and easy to clean. You can travel with the bowl in an RV or use it at home perhaps for your Schipperke who likes to play in his water.

Petmate No Spill Bowl,Blue

The Playmate has a simple construction whereby you pry the base from the top to refill and sanitize it. It works with a doughnut-shaped design that creates an illusion of space and depth for your dog. The shape is also effective for preventing water from splashing or dripping onto the floor.


  • Sturdy plastic is durable and easy-maintenance
  • Holds large volume of water
  • Ideal for dogs and cats who like to play in their water bowl
  • Good for travel either in RV or on floorboards in car


  • May be difficult to pull apart for people with arthritis or other challenges to hand strength

Road Refresher No Spill Dog Water Bowl

Best Bowl For Slobbering

Rather than using a disc or other floating device, the Road Refresher has a patented plate to prevent gulping water. It also maintains high non-spill standards with a secure lid that prevents sloshing if you or your dog kick the bowl as you walk by.

Prestige Pets Road Refresher, The No-Spill Slobber Stopper Water Bowl for Dogs, Slow Feeder Water Dispenser Bowl for Home and Travel, No Splashes, Ideal for All Breeds, Small, Pewter Grey

The Road Refresher takes the extra step of installing Velcro feet on the bottom, so the bowl does not slide across the floor. Using polypropylene material, the bowl is both heat-resistant and dishwasher safe.

There is a large-volume reservoir and the lid features a tapered shape as further insurance against accidental sloshing.


  • Heat-resistant materials
  • Effective against slobbering
  • Extra lid security – tapered shape
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Reservoir may be too small for very large dogs

Kurgo No Spill Dog Travel Bowl

Best Travel No Spill Water Bowl

If you like to travel a lot with your dog, the Kurgo is a specialty bowl. Moreover, you can use the Kurgo for both water and kibble when driving down the road in your truck, RV, or sports car.

Kurgo No Spill Pet Bowl, Portable No,Mess Water Bowl for Dogs, Splash Less for Car Travel, Mess Free, Dog Travel Accessories, Splash Free Wander, Blue and Red, 24 oz

This no spill travel bowl has a wedge shape that has the advantage of lying flat on either the seat or floorboards. It also tapers at the top to further guard against spillage from sloshing.

Kurgo uses food-grade silicone that can go into the dishwasher when it is time for you to clean it. Silicone is both sanitary and easy to clean.


  • Safe and discourages materials from sticking to the sides
  • Simple design with no extra parts
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Resistant to large temperature differences


  • Works best if only half full

Jolly Pets Road Refresher Non-Spill Water Bowl

Best Water Bowl for Sloppy Drinkers

Very similar to the Prestige Road Refresher, the Jolly Pets came on the scene as a product of Royal Pet Kingdom Europe from London in 2004. Compare this to the Prestige Road Refresher from the company of the same name appearing in 2016.

No products found.

Different companies and outward appearance distinguish bowls that have almost identical features. The Jolly Pets holds about a cup more water.

The Jolly Pets Road Refresher is a 9.5-inch by 9.5-inch by 4-inch bowl with a secure tapered lid and a signature floating plate. The plate deters splashing and slobbering and can prevent your dog with floppy ears from getting those appendages wet.


  • Tapered lid design to prevent sloshing
  • Velcro feet secure to carpet
  • Additional straps to secure to plastic, wood or metal surfaces
  • Styrofoam ring can divide between water and food


  • Ring often does not stay in place – Many customers remove it

Indipets Stainless Steel Spill Proof

Best Stainless Steel Spill Proof Bowl

If your dog or cat gets chin acne, spill proof bowls may help. Sometimes, the only way to completely eliminate troublesome pustules is to use stainless steel, like the Indipets.

Indipets Stainless Steel Spill Proof Splash Free Dog Bowl - 32oz - Removable Cover and Easy Pick Up Grip Handle

The Indipets invention utilizes the benefits of stainless steel such as ease of cleaning and durability. In addition, the bowl is scratch-resistant and has rubber material under the base to prevent sliding.

An innovative splash roof ring is unique to the Indipets and is pet-proof. Moreover, the stainless steel bowl is lightweight but resistant to tipping. It has unique grip handles that enable you to easily pick it up to move or clean. Other than the rubber gasket, the bowl is dishwasher safe.


  • Resistant to cracking, bacteria, and dirt
  • Grip handles
  • Twist splash roof – Pet cannot pop off
  • Resistant to sliding or tipping over


  • Dogs can easily pick it up
  • Does not address slobbering, gulping, or putting head and ears in bowl

Buddy Bowl No Spill Water Bowl

Best Funnel Splash Free Bowl

Another unique concept, the Buddy Bowl combines the doughnut rim with a funnel-shaped middle section. The three parts conveniently snap together.

No products found.

Like the PetMate, the lid shrinks the opening a little and guards against water splashing out. It also keeps your dog’s ears from getting drenched. The funnel moderates how much water your dog can drink at once, preventing gulping and swallowing air. An added benefit is the water stays relatively clean because it limits slobbering.

The plastic of the Buddy Bowl is easy to clean once you dismantle it. Its base is stable, resisting your dog’s attempts to topple it. Finally, the opening is small enough for your dog to have a difficult time submersing paws or head in the bowl.


  • Patented spill-proof lid and funnel design
  • Multiple colors
  • Small opening from doughnut top
  • Helps prevent gulping


  • Small opening may not suit Bulldogs
  • Lid is difficult to remove, especially for those with arthritis

Buying Guide for Best Spill Proof Water Bowl

Why Does Your Dog Need A Spill Proof Water Dish?

Most dogs do not require a spill-proof water dish. However, limiting splashing from your dog’s water potentially benefits you and your pet.

  • You do not have to mop hard surfaces constantly and you avoid the ruination of the carpet or upholstery in water bowl areas
  • Some products will keep your dog from gulping and concurrently swallowing harmful amounts of air
  • Hydrate your dog while traveling without having to make frequent pit stops and without worry over spillage in a moving vehicle
  • Discourage your pet from playing in his water with paws or head
  • Some bowl designs keep long floppy ears from dragging through your dog’s drinking water

What Should You Look For In A Spill-Proof Water Bowl?

You finally decided you need a splash or spill-proof water bowl for your show dog. After all, he travels with you all the time and he is still a rambunctious eight-month-old puppy. What about the normal stay-at-home pet? What features are important and distinguishing in a splash-proof bowl?

Beagle dog drinking water

Like any other pet product, your biggest concerns should be: is it safe and does it work for your goals?


With a water bowl that your pet drinks from, major safety concerns will center around its composition. Many bowls use plastic, in which case you will focus on the presence of BPA and durability. Moreover, look for food-grade materials since bowls have constant contact with your dog’s mouth.

BPA has been the focal study of many studies on the effects of pollution and contamination on humans, especially infants. While there was a widespread ban on BPA in baby toys and other plastics, the result many times was an equally harmful byproduct, BPS.

Linked with reproductive, neurologic, and carcinogenic detriments in humans, the effect of BPA and BPS on dogs is not as definitive. Nevertheless, at the very least, the chemicals seem to pose reproductive and endocrine risks to dogs.

Bisphenols readily leach into plastics that manufacturers use in dog toys and food and water bowls. As a pet owner, it is easy to remain aware of the potential for BPA and BPS in pet supplies and stay away from them when you are researching bowls.


A much more minor concern of splash-free bowls is the opening. Be aware of your dog’s habits and make sure bowl openings do not pose a risk for your dog getting a paw or his head trapped. You should not face such a problem with high-quality products.


The last concern is the durability of the material, especially plastic. If your dog is a heavy chewer, you may want to consider a stainless steel bowl. Plastic pieces can be choking hazards, or your dog can swallow them resulting in a possible obstruction.

Ease of Cleaning

Like a dog toy, you want a spill-proof bowl that is easy to clean. Bowls that you can dismantle enhance the cleaning process. You want a simple bowl, with no nooks where dirt can lodge or hide. Be aware that some bowls, like the Buddy Bowl, do not have a clear view of the bottom when full, and you can easily miss debris.

Plan on taking a bowl apart and cleaning it at least twice a week, even if it does not appear necessary. Bowls with antibacterial properties still need regular cleaning and sanitation. They merely inhibit rather than halt microbial growth.

Meticulously look for signs of leftover food crumbs towards the bottom of the dish. Run your hands across the interior of the bowl. A slippery or slimy sensation usually indicates bacterial build-up or the presence of saliva.

Spill Proof Water Bowl Functionality

Functionality, like beauty, is in the eye of the consumer. What you need or want out of a splash-proof water bowl will be different than your neighbor’s or friend’s wishes.

Resistance to Tipping

You may want a bowl that your pet cannot tip over. Splash-proof bowls with sturdy bases can endure the efforts of your cat to turn your dog’s water dish upside down. Wedge shapes, as in the Kurgo, resist anything but flat contact of the base with the ground.

Resistant to Spilling

You may think, “Hmm, resistant to spilling is the whole point of this, right?” What about if your dog manages to tip his bowl over, despite all design precautions? Some spill-proof water bowls, like the PetMate, resist leaking even when they are upside down.

Limit Water Intake

Many times, the best spill proof dog bowl also has the goal of limiting your dog’s water intake. You may wonder why limiting water consumption would be a priority unless you have a dog who guzzles to the point of vomiting. Other dogs drink so fast they ingest excess air that can cause stomach issues such as bloat.

Some bowls, like the Upsky and Road Refresher, have flotation devices that restrict the amount of water that is available at a time. The Buddy Bowl creates a bottleneck effect with its funnel. You can enhance the restrictive funnel effect by adding ice cubes.

Help With Dog Acne

Cats and dogs can both acquire irritated bumps and pustules around their muzzle and more often on their chin.

Veterinarians do not always know the cause of animal acne, but commonly link it to plastic bowls as sources of infection. Although the more common culprit is repeated trauma to the area’s hair follicles, many owners switch from plastic to stainless steel with dramatic success. Stainless steel is easier to keep sanitary, but some pets do fine with high-quality plastic or with flowing water. Nevertheless, the Indipets is a good stainless steel spill-proof choice.

Best No Spill Dog Bowl for Messy Drinkers: Final Recap

If you are looking for the best overall spill-proof water bowl for your dog, and the winner of our roundup, look no further than the Upsky or LumoLeaf. Not only is the Upsky resistant to tipping and splashing, but it helps prevent gulping, uses antibacterial materials, is of durable high-quality plastic, and is dishwasher safe.

The other spill-proof dog bowls are also of high quality and function, but they do not provide as wide a range of benefits as the Upsky does. The Road Refresher is a close runner up with similar features as well as a patented floating plate and heat-resistant materials. In third place is the Indipets as the best stainless steel option with a special twisted-lock puppy-proof design.

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