5 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels in 2020 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

With work, friends, and chores, our dogs are often left inside. You could put your dog out in the yard, but not everyone has a space that is properly fenced in. Outdoor kennels are ideal for giving them fresh air while being safely contained. Use this guide to find the best outdoor dog kennel for you and your dog.

Quick Picks: The 5 Top-Rated Outdoor Dog Kennels

Advantek 3 Foot Portable Indoor Outdoor Galvanized Steel Pet and Dog Gazebo with Weatherproof Reversible Cover
Lucky Dog - Pet Resort Heavy Duty Dog Outdoor Playpen with Water-Resistant Cover, 54"H x 4'W x 4'L
Neocraft My Pet Companion Outdoor Dog Kennel with Included Roof Weather Resistant Cover (5.5’), Waterproof Winter Welded Wire Pet House Shelter – Ideal for Any Dog Breed, Easy Assembly
Our Best Pick
PawHut 50" x 46" x 72" Large Outdoor Dog Kennel Galvanized Steel Fence with UV-Resistant Oxford Cloth Roof & Secure Lock
PetSafe Cottageview Boxed Kennel, 5-Foot-by-5-Foot-by- 4-Foot
Advantek Original Pet Gazebo Outdoor Dog Kennel
Lucky Dog Heavy Duty Covered Dog Kennel
Neocraft My Pet Companion Outdoor Dog Kennel
PawHut Outdoor Covered Dog Box Kennel
PetSafe Cottageview Boxed Kennel
Advantek 3 Foot Portable Indoor Outdoor Galvanized Steel Pet and Dog Gazebo with Weatherproof Reversible Cover
Advantek Original Pet Gazebo Outdoor Dog Kennel
Lucky Dog - Pet Resort Heavy Duty Dog Outdoor Playpen with Water-Resistant Cover, 54"H x 4'W x 4'L
Lucky Dog Heavy Duty Covered Dog Kennel
Neocraft My Pet Companion Outdoor Dog Kennel with Included Roof Weather Resistant Cover (5.5’), Waterproof Winter Welded Wire Pet House Shelter – Ideal for Any Dog Breed, Easy Assembly
Neocraft My Pet Companion Outdoor Dog Kennel
Our Best Pick
PawHut 50" x 46" x 72" Large Outdoor Dog Kennel Galvanized Steel Fence with UV-Resistant Oxford Cloth Roof & Secure Lock
PawHut Outdoor Covered Dog Box Kennel
PetSafe Cottageview Boxed Kennel, 5-Foot-by-5-Foot-by- 4-Foot
PetSafe Cottageview Boxed Kennel

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In a hurry? Check our best pick above, or keep reading for product reviews and buying guide!

Before you can look at the 5 best outdoor dog kennels, it is important to know the ins and outs of these crates.

How Does an Outdoor Dog Kennel Differ From a Crate?

The words “kennel” and “crate” are often interchangeable. They’re described as an enclosure or structure that provides shelter for your dog. But are there any differences?

One key characteristic in differentiating dog crates from outdoor kennels is in the way that they are used. The design of a crate or regular dog kennel does not have what it takes to last in the outdoor elements. Outdoor dog kennels are preferred by a wide variety of owners.

Who Could Use an Outdoor Dog Kennel?

These kennels can benefit different lifestyles, making it convenient to have in case you have to leave the house. You may already have a dog crate for Fido, but that isolates them indoors. Putting them in an outdoor kennel can be useful for the following situations.

  • Owners who are gone for a few hours and want their dog to have enough space in a confined, safe area.
  • Those wanting to go on trips can invest in a portable kennel. Fido may enjoy the campsite while in a place of his own.
  • Dog-boarding facilities prefer to use these kennels due to their easy cleaning. This is ideal for keeping dogs healthy and happy.

What Are the Benefits of an Outdoor Dog Kennel?

Now that you have determined if an outdoor dog kennel will match your lifestyle, what are the advantages? We list a few of the most common benefits associated with these kennels.

  • Space: Outdoor dog kennels are specifically designed to have more room than a regular crate so that your dog isn’t cramped. This allows your dog to stretch their legs and have a good play session while you’re gone.
  • Safety: A dog who uses this type of kennel is contained in a safe area that is also properly ventilated. This can give you peace of mind while at work.
  • Training: Those who struggle with potty training their dog or puppy have been known to use outdoor kennels as an aid. Dogs don’t like to soil their homes, setting good habits for later down the road.
  • Travel: Most outdoor kennels can be broken down and taken on trips. Instead of tethering your dog to a camping chair, confine them in a kennel that keeps them safe and happy.
  • Affordable: If you have a backyard without the proper containment, you may be looking at quite the hefty bill. Instead of paying for fencing, use an outdoor dog kennel for a cheaper and faster alternative.

What Attributes Should I Look for in an Outdoor Dog Kennel?

Knowing how to distinguish a poorly made crate from a high-quality outdoor dog kennel will save you an extra trip to the store. Advantek Pet provides a few of the features that you should consider before buying one.

  • Material: If you own a stronger dog that likes to test boundaries, you may find yourself looking for kennels with metal or chain-link. Other materials include wire and heavy-duty plastic.
  • Size: The kennel should be large enough for your dog to not only stand but move around and play.
  • Rust-resistant: The higher quality kennels are built to endure the outdoors including rain.
  • Roofing: For kennels placed in sunny yards, you should think about purchasing a kennel that has tarp, canvas or fabric lying over the top.
  • Locking mechanisms: How smart is your dog? They may be able to break free depending on how many locks there are. Look for dog-proof options.
  • Floor: Keep in mind that heavy diggers need outdoor kennels fitted with digging bars. Others prefer dirt flooring to meet their dog’s needs.

What Kind of Maintenance Do These Kennels Require?

In terms of cleaning, outdoor dog kennels are quite simplistic. For the necessary deep cleaning, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals gives owners with a visual aid.

Are There Any Negatives Associated with Outdoor Dog Kennels?

Keeping an animal outside while you are away may seem daunting. Pet Helpful lists a few of the considerations to make your dog safe while kept in an outdoor kennel.

  • Be sure to put the kennel where your dog is out of the sun or properly sheltered from the elements.
  • Always leave your dog with plenty of water.
  • The locking systems should be strong and examined prior to leaving.
  • Double check on the flooring of the kennel to prevent your dog from escaping.
  • Clean the kennel as often as once a day with deeper cleans throughout the month.

Now that you have some background on how these kennels work, you can decide which to buy for your best friend. These products make up my personal list of top contenders for the best outdoor dog kennel.

Top 5 Outside Dog Kennel Reviews

1. Advantek Original Pet Gazebo Outdoor Dog Kennel

The Advantek Outdoor Dog Kennel is made from weather resistant material. The polyethylene cover provides shelter from natural elements. I found the reversible feature to be helpful in preparing your dog from either cold or hot weather. This would have been useful while I took my Shetland Sheepdog around the country as we had to deal with various climates.

When setting up this kennel, no tools are required. You can even connect other kennels to create one large outdoor dog kennel. This is ideal for owners who have multiple dogs that don’t like to spend any time apart. Besides, who wouldn’t want their dogs to be able to play together while being safely confined?


  • The galvanized steel makes it difficult to break through.
  • This product can be broken down and stored or transported.
  • A reversible cover keeps the dog safe in both hot and cold weather.
  • Set up is easy without the use of any tools.
  • With non-marring nylon connectors, your flooring won’t get damaged from installing this kennel.
  • Interacting with your dog while keeping them confined is simple with a drop-down window.
  • With the proper measurements, this kennel is tall enough to accommodate your dog.


  • This product requires the user to set it up on the flat ground.
  • The lock located on the front entryway is not as strong, meaning that a large dog could break through the gate.

2. Lucky Dog Heavy Duty Covered Dog Kennel

This kennel made it the top list for its well-built exterior. The steel is accompanied by rust-resistant wire to tackle any rain. It is important to take into consideration that the wires and metal are welded prior to being coated, preventing a dog from cutting themselves on sharp edges.

Another feature that I found beneficial was the roof covers. It is both waterproof and UV protected. This gives your dog the playtime that they need while being unaffected by sun, snow or rain. Imagine leaving your dog in the outdoor kennel while at work and it started to rain. You wouldn’t have to worry about your furry friend getting wet or cold.


  • The gate and panels are pre-assembled, saving you time with the installation process.
  • With a fully enclosed roof that wards off UV rays, you can have a peace of mind during different weather conditions.
  • The steel and rust-resistant wire id ideal for larger dogs who could try to break free.
  • Raised legs make for a convenient cleanup of the kennel floor.
  • By combining the panels of another kennel, your dogs can have a larger space.


  • The wiring is not ideal for an anxious dog who might try to chew their way out.
  • For dogs who can climb up the sides, there is a gap between the cage and the top canopy.

3. Neocraft My Pet Companion Outdoor Dog Kennel

Another contender is the Neocraft Outdoor Dog Kennel. It has a 4 step assembly, none of which involving tools. Just as easy is the breakdown, folding flat for transportation. It is also made with metal for added durability.

One attribute that I found useful was the double door gate. With some dogs, they try to bolt as soon as you open any of the entrances. By feeding them through the top gate, the chances of them escaping are reduced.


  • This outdoor dog kennel is rather easy to assemble and set up.
  • The Neocraft kennel is large enough for a dog to stand and turn around.
  • With the top portion of the gate able to be opened independently, you can feed your dog without worrying about any possible escapes.
  • The metal used to reinforce this structure is sturdy and durable.
  • This outdoor kennel can be broken down and folded for taking on trips.
  • The canopy reduces the impacts of sun or rain on your dog while outside in the elements.


  • Although big enough to let your dog stand, this outdoor kennel does not offer any room for romps or play sessions.
  • There is no flooring, making it easier for diggers to get out.

4. PawHut Outdoor Covered Dog Box Kennel

This outdoor kennel with top is ideal for owners with large, strong dogs. The steel frame is made from galvanized metal. Not only does this add durability, but it also aids in maintenance. The chain link located between the metal frames keeps your pet in and harmful predators out.

I also felt that this product was designed with security in mind. This is due to the design of the tarp. Other than being water-resistant and protective in terms of UV rays, it is also held down with elastic cords. My friend has a Labrador Retriever who tends to climb his way to the top of any dog kennel. With a snug fit, this would be extremely difficult. The shape of the canopy is also favorable as it prevents the accumulation of any liquids with a pitched style.


  • The area inside this kennel is spacious enough for your dog to sit, stand and play around by themselves to avoid boredom.
  • With a metal frame, strong dogs can’t push through the barrier.
  • If you have multiple dogs in need of some fresh air, connect kennels without buying any extra supplies.
  • The protective tarp is held in place by elastic cords that are able to withstand pressure.
  • A pitched canopy allows water to run off to keep your dog save from changing weather conditions.
  • The lock mechanism located on the front gate is easy to latch.


  • This outdoor kennel can move around if not properly anchored to the ground.
  • With no flooring, dogs can dig their way out.

5. PetSafe Cottageview Boxed Kennel

This kennel is durable with rust-resistant metal framing. It is easy to assemble without additional supplies or tools.

The size of this product is quite compact, making it ideal for owners who want their dog to be on the patio or deck. It can also be placed in the yard or in the garage. The top helps to ward against the sun to prevent any heat exhaustion.


  • The metal framing makes for a hardy and durable product.
  • With an added top, your dog won’t be heavily impacted by the sun.
  • This item is easy to set up and fold down to a compact size.
  • The rust-resistant wiring makes for a kennel that will take on any weather conditions.
  • With the use of expansion panels, it can be made big enough to accommodate a larger dog.


  • The roof is flat, meaning that water can easily build up and cause eventual damage to the material.
  • Although this product has a top, it is not all that heavy so that a large dog can get out.


Based on all of the products that were reviewed, the PawHut Outdoor Covered Dog Box Kennel seemed to have the best attributes. With a more spacious area and heavy-duty metal framing, a dog be given the proper area to play in while being properly confined. It also had a sturdier top that was held down by bungee cords. The design of this tarp is pitched, water-resistant and UV protected for a healthier dog. All of these features make for one of the best outdoor dog kennels.

When deciding if an outdoor kennel is right for your canine companion, it is best to consider the different features and attributes such as material, size, protection and foldability. Taking care of the kennel with the proper maintenance can ensure that it lasts for years.

Outdoor dog kennels are a great solution as they provide your dog with fresh air while unsupervised for a few hours. The next time that you leave your dog, think about investing in a kennel that can let them have a little fun. After all, you don’t want them to be bored.

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