Best Dog Pools in 2024 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

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Summer is more challenging than the dead of winter for many dog owners. When heat and humidity descend upon your city, what can you do? How do you cool down your Boston Terrier, who cannot breathe? What about your Labrador Retriever who wants to immerse himself in a lake?

Sprinklers, misting systems, and inground dog swimming pools are great cooling options. But you cannot beat the best dog pool for hot summer days. Wading pools are practical, convenient, and portable.

Quick Picks: The 5 Top-Rated Swimming Pools for Dogs

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5 Best Dog Pool Reviews

YAHEETECH Foldable Hard Plastic Kiddie Baby Dog Pet Bath Swimming Pool

Best Foldable Dog Pool

Yaheetech also makes office furniture, dog pens, and massage tables using high-quality materials. The company constructs its dog pool out of hard, durable PVC plastic. The doggie pool, with its reinforced edges, folds like an accordion to make it portable and easy for you to store.

Yaheetech Foldable Dog Pool 63 x 12 Inches Collapsible Hard Plastic Pet Swimming Pool Portable Dog Bath Tub Puppy Cat Shower Pet Wading Pool for Outdoor/Indoor w/Pet Repair Patches, Blue

There is a drain plug towards the bottom of the pool so you can empty it quickly. If you do not want to drain the dog pool where it sits, you can use the accompanying hose and adapter.

The Yaheetech pool serves many purposes. Your dog can also use the pool as a wading area to cool down in the summer heat and play with children or other dogs. It features a non-slip textured bottom.

Our Rating: 4.6 Stars


  • Collapsible to very small size
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Visible maximum fill line
  • Does not need an air pump



Diameter x Depth

  • Large – 48″ x 11.8″
  • X Large -55″ x 11.8″
  • XX Large – 63″ x 11.8″

Jasonwell Collapsible Dog Pet Pool Bathing Tub

Best Large Dog Pool

Jasonwell creates inflatable and decorative floats, remote-controlled toys, and magnetic blocks. Very like the Yateetech, the Jasonwell pool is long-lasting due to sturdy PVC. The tub also has a low-lying drain, adapter, and hose.

This pool collapses accordion-style. It fits into small nooks and is easy to transport on adventurous trips. The manufacturer uses exceptionally thick fiberglass sides with a large non-slip bottom.

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool Collapsible Dog Pet Pool Bathing Tub Kiddie Pool Doggie Wading Pool for Puppy Small Medium Large Dogs Cats and Kids 63' Blue

Jasonwell adheres to the EN or European National standard for toys. The ASTM deals with hazards and precautions for above-ground pools.

Our Rating: 4.7 Stars


  • Five sizes
  • Thicker material than other pools in its class
  • Material is environmentally friendly – EN 71, ASTM standards
  • Sturdy and long-lasting


  • Does not withstand rough play
  • Sides tend to bulge outward with a near-capacity volume of water


  • Small – 32″ x 8″
  • Medium – 39.5″ x 12″
  • Large – 48″ x 12″
  • X Large – 55.1″ x 12″
  • XX Large – 63″ x 12″

Petsfit Portable Outdoor Pool

Best Portable Dog Pool

Like accordion-style dog pools, the Petsfit folds into a very small package. It has a unique design that stacks on itself and stands out with a bright sky blue color.

Petsfit Kiddie Pool,Foldable Dog Pool Pet Bath Pool for Dogs Cats and Kids, Puncture Resistant

The Petsfit utilizes sturdy Oxford and nylon cloth. Its alternative material makes it lightweight and waterproof at the same time. The wireframe wall keeps the pool from either collapsing or bulging outward even without the water. Petsfit dog pool is resistant to tearing or scratching by claws or other sharp objects, and it requires no air to set up.

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars


  • Resistant to leaks and punctures
  • Very lightweight – enhanced portability
  • Sturdy
  • Versatile – can use it for fish, ducks, children, and cats


  • Not for large dogs over 70 pounds
  • If it does tear, patching is difficult


  • 48″ x 12″

NHILES Portable Pet Dog Pool

Best Small Dog Pool

Great for small dogs, the Nhiles combines nylon and heavy-duty fiberboard. The result is a durable pool that is leakproof and sturdy. It folds into a lightweight and portable small rectangle.

The thick sides of the pool help it maintain its shape. A polyester covering is resistant to tearing. You should still ensure the pool is on a flat and hard surface before filling it with water. A stable platform allows the bottom to spread taut, decreasing the likelihood of any snags.

NHILES Portable Pet Dog Pool, 32' Collapsible Bathing Tub, Indoor & Outdoor Foldable Leakproof Cat Dog Pet SPA for Dogs and Cats

Small dog pools are ideal for Bulldogs and other breeds. These dogs tend to overheat but have trouble swimming because of their build.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars


  • Resistant material stands up against digging and splashing, a common behavior of smaller dogs
  • You can use it indoors
  • Double layer of PVC
  • Coating is resistant to ultraviolet light


  • Not suitable for chewers – top edge thin enough for dogs to grab
  • Seams may leak


  • Small 32″ x 8″
  • Medium 39″ x 12″
  • Large 47″ x 12″
  • X Large – 63″ x 12″

Alcott Inflatable Pool for Dogs

Best Inflatable Dog Pool

Although it resembles the inflatable wading pools you see for children, the Alcott Inflatable is for dogs. The Alcott wading pool features a unique scalloped appearance with reinforced outside edges. Like an air mattress, the main component of this pool is PVC. The swoops are not merely for looks, either. Dips allow dogs to get in and out of the pool with greater ease.

alcott Inflatable Pool for Dogs, 4' Diameter, Blue

The Alcott has three inflatable layers, each with its own plug for air delivery. A plug at the bottom of the pool allows you to effortlessly drain the water. Despite the fact it is inflatable, it is easy for you to deflate and fold the Alcott wading pool.

Our Rating: 4.0 Stars


  • Inflatable design holds the structure – comfortable support for dogs who like to lay in the pool
  • Wavy architecture of sides gives pool an innovative look and allows easy entrance and exit
  • Rounded edges are safe and sturdy – pool does not collapse
  • Has a puncture-resistant liner and a vinyl repair kit


  • Large strong dog can pop it
  • Needs inflation
  • Manufacturer does not recommend for children – quite deep


  • 48″ x 16″

Best Dog Pools Buying Guide

Things to Look For When Buying Dog Pool

Due to the nature of pools, there are a limited number of ways to differentiate them. If you stick to a few standards, you will find a dog pool with durability and value.


You will find most dog pool manufacturers use fiberboard, hard plastic, or nylon. The key is to find companies that use quality in their materials and production. Explore other products the company makes. Check out furniture, toys, or kiddie pools. Keep in mind the price tag on dog pools is not always an accurate sign of quality.

High-quality materials and attention to detail will increase the wading pool’s durability. Moreover, a crucial feature is how leakproof a tub is. Poor construction will lead to material failure. You may see pools that leak as soon as they arrive at your door. Sometimes plastic that cracks or nylon rips or pulls apart at the seams. Also, quality contributes to how resistant materials are to mildew.

Materials can prove useful in different situations. The vinyl you see in some inflatables may get very hot along the edges that do not lay underwater. Thin cardboard collapses. PVC punctures but better withstands the weight of large dogs.


Only you can decide how important it is to you to be able to cart your dog’s pool everywhere. It is nice to be able to take your dog’s pool with you to a friend’s house for a doggie play date.

Portability may not matter to you. You may still appreciate the option to reduce your dog’s pool into something small you can tuck out of the way. Look for dog pools that you can fold neatly and easily when not in use. Folding enhances both a wading pool’s portability and storage convenience.


Care contributes significantly to how long a doggie pool will last. Find a low-maintenance pool. You do not want something you have to disassemble, so you can carefully wash each part.

Pools with built-in drains to empty are convenient. You also want easy materials like nylon or plastic, that you can wipe clean or hose down. A pool that will quickly dry is a bonus to cut down on your worry about odors and unwanted bacteria. Finally, look for a pool that includes repair kits for the inevitable mishaps.

Non-skid Bottom

Water makes everything slippery. Non-slip material on the bottom of the dog pool may prevent serious falls. Accidents can lead to bruises or the submersion of a small dog. Not all pools have a non-skid surface, but you can always use a mat.


Noninflatable dog pools have the advantage of holding their structure if you tear or puncture them. An additional benefit is you do not have to have an air pump or a great set of lungs to blow them up. The walls do not always hold up as well as those on an inflatable pool.

Prerequisites/Precautions for Using Dog Pools.

Like children, you should always supervise dogs around wading pools. Small dogs can become stuck in a pool because the walls collapse or bulge outward. If a dog becomes exhausted or has physical challenges like Dachshunds and Bulldogs, he may not be able to get out of the pool. It does not take much water for dogs or children to drown.

Large active dogs are not as likely to find themselves trapped in a wading pool. Nevertheless, breeds such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Labradors, can destroy a doggie pool in a few minutes. You will save your investment at least for a few months by supervising your pet’s use of the pool.

You must clean your dog’s pool and dry it after every use. Most dog pools, particularly the ones in the round-up, are easy to clean. But if people leave water in them, they can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Wiping your pool with a mild disinfectant after you empty it will discourage fungus. Air drying upright is an effective means to rid your pet’s pool of moisture. Never try to dry a pool after you have folded it for storage. Microscopic organisms love to hide in crevices.

Maintain realistic expectations about your dog’s splash pool. Whether comprised of vinyl or polyester, pools are in the same category as toys and beds. No creator intends a pool to last forever in the face of teeth, claws, and unbridled enthusiasm. Often, a doggie pool that your pet enjoys will last a couple of months or less.

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Should Your Dogs and Children Share a Pool?

While dogs and kids are likely to have loads of fun in the same wading pool, many advocate separate pools.

  • Large rambunctious dogs do not belong in the same pools as small toddlers
  • Dogs may introduce more mud and dirt than children do. If children know to wipe their feet before entering the water, a separate pool is ideal.
  • Constant supervision is a must when dogs and children share a play area, especially involving water.

The reality is that unless you have tubs in separate fenced-in areas, you probably will not be able to keep dogs and children apart. Kids may slip and fall, and dogs can knock them over. Be vigilant to catch any difficulties child or dog may have to get out of a pool.

Final Thoughts

Our clear winner for the round-up and best dog pool for hot summer days is the Jasonwell collapsible pool. We liked the pool for its non-skid thick bottom and reinforced PCV. The Jasonwell passed high European standards for quality materials and safety. Moreover, customers found it durable and easy to use.

The Yaheetech was also an excellent find with hard plastic sides and a non-slip bottom. However, the runner-up is the Jasonwell collapsible pool. We like the Nhiles as a small dog option with it double PCV, the nylon covering, and shallow depth.