Best Dog Grooming Scissors in 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Grooming the Shih Tzu dog

Grooming scissors are a necessity for show dogs. But what about you? What if you want to groom your dog at home?

Is your dog scared to death of electric clippers? You want a more polished look than you can get with a body shave. You might even be aspiring to jump into the show ring with your pet.

The best dog grooming scissors offer you the opportunity to achieve a clean and professional look in your pet. You can also bond with your dog and establish a new tradition for holiday photos.

Quick Picks: The Top-Rated Dog Grooming Scissors & Shears

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6 Reviews of the Best Dog Grooming Scissors and Shears

Chibuy Professional Pet Grooming Scissors with Round Tip

Pet owners know Chibuy best for cat litter scoops and professional grooming scissors. Chibuy uses high-quality stainless steel and user-friendly design in their grooming products. Scissors and combs are durable and easy to grasp. They work whether you are a professional dog groomer or trying to give your Bichon Frise a haircut at home.

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When you clean the hair around your dog’s face, you know that shaky feeling when you get close to your pet’s eyes. It can be especially nerve-racking when Fluffy will not sit still. Chibuy grooming scissors have rounded tips to avoid poking your dog’s eyes, nose, or other sensitive areas.

One of the benefits of Chibuy is you can semi-customize your kit. You can choose between straight and curved blades, and you can add a comb. You can have a couple of scissors, using one as a backup, or you might have two different types of tools.

Our Rating: 4.7 Stars

Dimensions: 6.7″


  • Ergonomic handles
  • Extra finger rest to help prevent fatigue
  • Rounded tips good for inexperienced puppies and hyperactive dogs
  • You can adjust blades for hair type


  • May only be comfortable for people with smaller hands
  • Kit only features two shears

Pet Magasin Pet Grooming Scissors

One of the appealing features of the Pet Magasin kit is the dual scissor action. A shorter pair makes it easy for you to work around your dog’s face. You can reserve the longer scissors for leg and bodywork while both pairs of scissors have rounded tips for more peace of mind.

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Many grooming sessions take quite a bit of time. Ergonomic grips and an extra finger ledge help ward off fatigue in your hand. You can count on quality and precision with Japanese surgical stainless steel.

Pet Megasin scissors are perfect for dogs that need frequent grooming. The blades keep a sharp edge, and you can take them apart for simple cleaning or sterilization.

Our Rating: 4.8 Stars

Dimensions: 6″ and 6.5″ scissors available


  • Innovative two-tone color design
  • You can sharpen blades repeatedly
  • Convenient for right-handed or left-handed use
  • Small scissors have micro-serrated blades


  • Short blade – Not ideal for large surface areas
  • Scissors dull quickly because of small blades.

Gimars 4CR Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit with Safety Round Tip

The Gimars grooming kit features four tools, one of which you can even use if you have a longhaired cat. All scissors have a blunt tip to avoid injury to your pet’s skin, paw pads, or eyes.

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Scissors have a unique titanium coating over stainless steel to improve their strength and durability. Cold treatment reaffirms the high quality of the stainless steel.

Inside the finger rings of the handles are rubber inserts that make the grip soft and comfortable. However, if you have larger fingers, you can remove the rubber rings.

Our Rating: 4.9 Stars


  • Curved – 7″
  • Thinning Shears – 6.69″
  • Straight – 6.1″ or 5.1″


  • Detachable finger rings
  • Titanium coating of scissor blades
  • Collective tools – Curved shears, comb, straight scissors, short scissors
  • Fits naturally to your hand


  • Finger inserts only come in pink

Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit

Scaredy-Cut scissors provide a viable alternative to motorized clippers. They come complete with different length combs to control your cut.

Like many grooming tools, the Scaredy-Cut comes with an ergonomic handle and soft rubber inserts. Yet, you can also customize the type of fit you want with three different sizes of finger rings.

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Your Scaredy-Cut kit arrives with 16 parts. It includes finger inserts, an instruction manual and guide, comb organizer strips, scissor blade, and attachment combs.

The Scared-Cut system is quieter than most scissors. They work great for dogs who do not like buzzing clippers but still need a professional cut.

Our Rating: 4.4 Stars

Dimensions: 8.2″


  • Quiet alternative to electric clippers – These scissors are quiet with no clanking.
  • Patented with all parts from the US
  • Grips: Snug, medium, and loose fit of finger rings on the handles
  • With combs, scissors accommodate seven coat lengths from 1/2 to 1 inch


  • Relatively expensive
  • Scissors need frequent adjustments during use

GLADOG Professional Grooming Scissors for Dogs with Safety Round Tips

As with other high-quality grooming tools of its type, the Gladog scissors have ergonomic handles with rubber finger rings. The blades have rounded, blunt tips to avoid accidentally cutting your dog’s skin or eyes.

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The Gladog kit gives you three types of scissors, a comb, cleaning cloth, and a case.

Each pair of shears also has a rubber bumper between the grip to protect your fingers.

There is a knob that adjusts the scissor blades’ tension so you can adjust to snarled hair or smooth fur. You can rely on the high-quality, heavy stainless steel that still feels light in your hand.

Our Rating: 4.9 Stars

Dimensions: 6.5″


  • Very smooth cut
  • Complete kit – Straight scissors, curved scissors, thinning shears, metal comb
  • Professional grade – Elaborate handle design adds to comfort
  • Durable
  • Cr4 Titanium-coated stainless steel


  • Knob tricky to adjust

ConairPRO Dog Rounded-Tip Shears

ConairPro makes an entire line of grooming supplies from deshedders and rakes to electric clippers. The manufacturer recommends shears as a finishing touch for your dog’s haircut. ConairPro makes the cutting edges of its grooming equipment with high-quality stainless steel.

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Rounded tips prevent any laceration or puncture injuries to your dog’s ears, eyes, or paw pads. Other benefits ConairPro scissors share in common with high-quality tools are soft finger ring inserts, digital rests, and a rubber bumper between the handles.

ConairPro scissors are unique for their Ever Guard coating. The Ever Guard cover prevents the blades from sticking. Malfunctioning equipment can cause you to jab or otherwise harm your dog.

Our Rating: 4.6 Stars

Dimensions: 5″ or 6″ or 7″ available


  • Ever Guard coating keeps blades from sticking from dirt build-up or malaligned blades
  • Emphasis on performance
  • Specialized high-quality blades and style for finishing cuts
  • Three sizes


  • Not as sharp as expected

Best Dog Grooming Scissors & Shears Buying Guide

How to choose the Best Dog Grooming Scissors & Shears

It is surprisingly common that people act impulsively even when buying important items for their dogs. It is crucial to practice due diligence when selecting scissors. High-quality grooming shears are necessary for your pet’s safety and so you can perform your dog’s haircut efficiently.

Sharp Blades

Like kitchen knives, sharp scissors are safest. Although you can seriously cut your dog with sharp blades if not careful, they allow a cleaner trim and less pulling of the hair. Sharper blades are also much less likely to slip. You can maintain a more consistent grip when you are not fighting with dull scissors.

Ergonomic Handles

You can maintain steadier control of your shears if the handles are comfortable. Ergonomic grips contour to your hand’s natural grasping action. Attention to comfort prevents fatigue and ensures proper control of the scissors.

Finger rings should also strive to increase the comfort and effectiveness of your hold on the scissors. Look for soft, cool, and pliable material for your fingers like specialized polymers or rubber. The most accommodating finger rings are the ones that can come out as inserts.


Materials like titanium and Ever Guard over stainless steel can make scissors last longer. Using a coating helps manufacturers increase the strength of scissors and reduce their tendency to stick. Scissors can also go longer between sharpening.

Intended Use

How you intend to use your scissors will determine which blade length you choose. It may also influence how much attention you pay to quality. If you will only use scissors on your dog’s feet or only once a year, the durability of your scissor may not be so important.

If you have a Standard poodle and want to maintain an impeccable continental cut, you will require several types of scissors of the highest quality.

Things to Look for When Buying Dog Grooming Scissors & Shears

You may wonder how you can differentiate between something like scissors. It seems like one pair of scissors is the same as the next. However, grooming scissors diverge widely in quality, purpose, and affordability.

  • High-quality materials – High-quality scissor blades, whether coated or not, will feature stainless steel. Premium stainless steel includes the same metal as used in surgical instruments. Many of the better scissors are Japanese surgical steel.
  • Detachable finger rings and a built-in finger rest
  • Knob that controls tenseness of blades
  • Availability of a kit – Many manufacturers feature kits that contain a few grooming instruments to deal with a variety of situations. A manual with grooming tips for particular breeds may be very attractive. Different scissor lengths address various coats. They also cope with differences between body fur and hair on the face, ears, and paws.

How to Use Grooming Scissors

Grooming kits include a variety of tools, depending on the manufacturer. Some grooming lines use round tips on all their scissors. There are four basic types of shears for grooming dogs:

  • Straight scissors
  • Curved scissors
  • Short scissors – Almost always have blunt tips
  • Thinning shears

You will obtain your best results if you start with a comb and, sometimes, a brush. A brush or rake helps remove dead undercoat hairs on double-coated breeds.

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Combing will organize the hair into sections. Moreover, any clipping or scissor work goes much better with clean and detangled fur.

Scissor work often complements electric clipping for show dogs. On the other hand, dogs who undergo hand-stripping usually do not ever see clippers. Occasional scissoring gives these dogs a cleaner look.

Note, hand-stripping is the process of plucking dead hairs in tiny clumps. The process is a specific technique for certain breeds. Most terriers and several sporting dogs require you to strip their coats.

Straight Scissors

Changing hairdo. Yorkshire terrier stands still while its lower muzzle hair is being cut.

Straight scissors are probably what you think of first when you get ready to groom your dog. They serve a general-purpose, most suitable for straight cutting along the body. You will also want to use straight scissors for a polished appearance at the end of the session.

You will make your job simpler if you use heavier scissors for thicker coats. Longer scissor blades work best on large dogs. However, scissors more than 7.5 inches are impossible for most inexperienced groomers to control. They are much more likely to cause injury to your pet.

Curved Scissors

Purebred white Bichon Frise dog grooming

Often easier to use for beginners than straight blades, curved scissors are very forgiving. Their best use is to create soft and round edges on the paws or where the chest meets the front legs. Curved scissors build confidence in the novice because the tips, blunt or not, curve away from how you are cutting.

Short Scissors

Maltese dog grooming

Designers intend you to use short scissors in sensitive areas, especially the face and around the footpads. The short blades give you more control over the scissors. The trade-off is you can only cut extremely small sections at a time. Most short scissors have a rounded tip in anticipation that you will be using them around the eyes, nose, lips, anal area, ears, and toes.

An overwhelming majority of dog breed standards call for a clean face. Many others must have a patch or ring at the base of the tail. Such delicate work requires short scissors. Groomers also often utilize shorter tools for cats.

Thinning Shears

Maltese dog hair thinning

Thinning shears, true to their name, thin your dog’s coat a very little bit at a time. The more important role of thinning shears is to blend your basic cut, so it looks more natural. You can also fix any mistakes you make with your other tools.

If you combine them with brushing, you can also use thinning shears to cut out matted fur without leaving a bald patch. Thinning shears have one serrated blade and the other is smooth.

Thinning shears are more damaging than the other scissor on the skin because of their serrated edges. You must be exceptionally cautious, so you do not create ragged tears in your dog’s skin.

Final Thoughts

We found all the shears to be close in quality. The tightest race was between the Gimars and the Gladog. We gave a slight nod to the Gladog Professional Grooming Scissors because of its more comfortable handle grip and superior smooth cut of the straight scissor.

Both brands feature titanium-coated blades that increase their strength and maintain their sharpness. The coating also prevents the sticking of the blades and accidental slippage. Comfort of both sets of scissors is in the ergonomic handle and the weight of the high-quality steel.