5 Best Dog Food for French Bulldog in 2020 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

If you have a typical French Bulldog, then he is the royal ruler of your household, and you exist solely to be the little highness’s faithful servant. Of course, you know that’s exactly the way it should be. These pups are affectionate, playful, and endlessly loyal. Frenchies are unique, and they come with special dietary needs which mean there are a few things to look out for when choosing the best food for French Bulldog health and longevity.

In this article, we’re going to review the following top 5 picks:

Do French Bulldogs Really Need Special Food?

French Bulldogs are a unique breed with unique dietary needs, just like every dog breed. They are prone to weight issues, and those can lead to other problems like difficulty breathing, heart issues, stress on knee joints, and problems with the spine. What most people don’t realize, though, is that almost all of these potential issues can be mitigated simply by feeding your French Bulldog the best food for health and longevity.

It Really Can Be As Simple As Diet

I’m amazed at how many dog owners fail to recognize the importance of diet when considering their precious pup’s health and well-being. If you invested in a souped-up automobile with all the bells and whistles, would you load its tank up with bargain basement gasoline? If you were preparing to run a marathon, would you spend the night before snacking on corn chips and gummy bears? The answer’s obvious: of course, you wouldn’t!

With the right nutrition, Frenchies can have long lives with minimal health issues. They can be svelte and spunky as long as they are getting the basic building blocks they need to thrive. Dog food developed with your Frenchie’s health in mind feature high-quality ingredients with the right balance of fats and proteins that pup needs. It can also include some additions like antioxidant-rich foods, supplements, and sustainable ingredients.

You are already on the right track in choosing the best food for your Frenchie because you are doing the research. Research is critical when selecting a dog food because you can’t tell by the flashy packaging whether or not a food contains what this breed needs to succeed.

The Basics to Watch Out For

Naturally, your French Bulldog will have its own set of unique needs and preferences when it comes to dog food, but some basics apply to the breed as a whole. Dogs, in general, don’t need much grain in their diet, if any. Avoiding foods with corn, wheat, soy, and other starchy carbohydrates will help your beastie maintain a healthy weight.

Unnecessary add-ins like hormones, artificial fillers, fake flavorings, or some genetically modified organisms can also be red flags. You’ll find these ingredients listed on the back of your dog food packaging. A good rule of thumb for healthy dog food: keep it simple. Fewer ingredients often point to a higher quality product.

Finally, your French Bulldog may need some additional love and care via the food they’re eating each day. Will your pup benefit from glucosamine to keep her joints supple? Does his dull coat suggest he may need a boost of omega-3s? Do you have a senior French Bulldog on your hands who might benefit from increased levels of Gamma-linolenic acid, as suggested by the ASPCA?

You know your dog better than anyone, and applying that knowledge in the pet food aisle is the best way for you to help your furry friend.

Phasing in Your Frenchie’s New Food

Before we jump into some highly recommended food brands for French Bulldogs, I want to quickly mention one essential thing to keep in mind any time you adjust your Frenchie’s diet. As a rule, dogs’ digestive systems can be very finicky in response to change. It’s important to transition very slowly to a new food.

I’ve heard so many stories of people switching to higher quality food for their dog and to abandon it prematurely because their dog started having intestinal issues after eating the new diet. It’s not the food’s fault; it’s the sudden change. Keep feeding your French Bulldog its usual food, and slowly introduce the new product throughout several days. If you need a timeline guide, here’s a video that may help:

5 Best Food for French Bulldog – Product Reviews

Below you’ll find a brief evaluation of five favorite foods well-suited for a French Bulldog. This isn’t a comprehensive list, and you might find a food formula that works better for your Frenchie. If you’re unsure of where to begin, these foods are a good starting point.

1. Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild’s claim to canine fame is that meat is always the number one ingredient. With this food, you know right off the bat that you are avoiding the unnecessary grain issue. There is also a recipe tailored for French Bulldog puppies.


  • Zero grains, zero artificial flavors, zero added fillers or preservatives
  • Includes fruits and vegetables for added antioxidant benefits
  • Fatty acid content consists of a balance of animal-based Omega-3s and plant-based Omega-6s, which can help to promote a healthy coat
  • Chelated minerals bind to proteins in the gut, which may help your dog to absorb more nutrients
  • Live, active prebiotic and probiotic cultures have been proven to improve canine gut health


  • Ingredients could be from global suppliers

2. Purina ONE SmartBlend: Healthy Weight Formula

Purina is one of those dog brands that every dog owner seems to have heard about, but the Purina ONE line of dog food is a cut above some of the other formulations the brand offers. This specific product is geared toward breeds that may struggle with weight, and it has 15% fewer calories than the Purina ONE Lamb & Rice food.


  • Food is mixed with real bits of turkey that might appeal to a picky eater
  • 15% fewer calories and 25% fewer grams of fat than other Purina ONE formulations
  • One of the most affordable “premium” foods on the market
  • Includes natural glucosamine sources, recommended for dogs who have joint issues


  • Some puppy parents have reported gastrointestinal issues such as excessive flatulence in their dogs, even when using a slow transition from old food to new
  • Does include grains like cornmeal and soybean germ meal
  • Does include artificial coloring

3. Sojos Complete

Some French Bulldog owners like to go the au naturel route: a diet featuring raw meat. The benefits of raw food may include a greater nutrient ratio, as cooking foods at high temperatures can remove some of the nutritional content, but raw meat has a much shorter shelf life than dried food. Sojos is dehydrated raw food, so its shelf life is comparable to dry food while keeping that increased nutritional value.


  • Raw food diet for a more “ancestrally authentic” meal plan for your French Bulldog
  • Dehydrated food takes up less space; a two-pound bag actually contains ten pounds of food when rehydrated
  • Made in small batches for optimal quality control
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Easier to digest for some dogs who have trouble with heavily processed foods
  • More affordable than other raw foods on the market


– Consistency may be a deterrent to some picky eaters

  • The food needs to be soaked in warm water before it can be fed to your dog, so meal times will take more preparation

4. The Honest Kitchen

The quality of Honest Kitchen food ingredients is so high that it meets FDA standards for human consumption. Add to that the slow dehydration process that the company uses to preserve every possible scrap of nutrition, and you get quality food that might be a worthwhile choice if you are concerned with your French Bulldog’s digestive health.


  • Completely grain free
  • Ingredients included in each bag are clearly listed on the packaging, so Frenchie owners will know exactly what their pup is getting
  • Food meets FDA standards, which means it can be technically labeled as human grade because of its exceptional quality
  • No GMOs or preservatives
  • All the ingredients used in this food meet strict sustainability and fair-trade standards


  • Requires the addition of warm water, which extends meal preparation time

5. Stella and Chewy’s

Stella & Chewy’s is a brand that was quite clearly made by pet lovers for pet lovers. This raw food product is made entirely without grain and gluten, which is excellent for the overall digestive health of dogs. However, the high meat content does come with additional fat. If your French Bulldog is getting on in years, this could lead to unhealthy weight gain. If your dog is a picky eater, this is probably a great option to try.


  • 95% of the ingredients are derived from meat
  • No grains at all
  • The convenient patty shape should make it easier to portion your Frenchie’s meals
  • Freeze dried production method preserves more nutritional content than other dehydration processes


  • Raw food formulation with a shorter shelf life than other dried food brands
  • Higher fat content may be an issue for Frenchies with weight concerns

Best Food for Your Frenchie’s Future

French Bulldogs are cuddly little nuggets with amazingly individual personalities. I know you want what’s best for them and that starts with diet.

The trouble is that the market is flooded with options and it can be overwhelming standing in a seemingly endless pet food aisle trying to decide on the perfect food for your special pal.

Here’s the thing: if you’ve read this far, you are already way ahead of the curve. Just remember to check nutrition information for the appropriate levels of fat and protein. Avoid unnecessary carbohydrates and fillers, and choose a trusted brand that stands by the quality of its ingredients. Then, introduce the food slowly and stay consistent with portions and feeding times. That’s it.

Your French Bulldog will thank you the only way he knows how: with warm, wet kisses and years of faithful companionship.

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